Jaipur Literature Festival announces the title partner for the forthcoming 17th edition – Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series


Jaipur (nyay stambh) As the countdown commences for the 17th edition of the prestigious Jaipur Literature Festival which is set to unfold from February 1st to 5th at Hotel Clarks Amer, Jaipur, Teamwork Arts, the producer of this iconic Festival, today revealed the title partnership for the 2024 edition with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series stands as an essential tool, elevating the creative capabilities of every artist and creator with its indispensable features. With the mighty S Pen, extraordinary processing power, life-like display, and seamless connectivity, this device becomes a coveted toolkit of any creative pursuit. Aligned to the ethos of providing an inclusive and creative platform, Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series collaborated with the Jaipur Literature Festival, effortlessly integrating its versatility with the Festival’s commitment to fostering creativity. The Galaxy Tab S9 Series will serve as the quintessential companion for tomorrow’s creators, who ceaselessly explore novel avenues of inspiration. Throughout the Festival, authors, audience, and media will have the opportunity to engage with the Galaxy Tabs S Series, exploring activities such as reading, sketching, illustration, animation, video shooting, and editing on the go. Both the Galaxy Tab S9 Series and S Pen are the world’s 1st premium tablet with IP68, so our creators/artists/innovators can take the Galaxy Tab S9 wherever inspiration leads! 

Namita Gokhale, acclaimed writer and Co-Director of the Jaipur Literature Festival, said, “As a writer, and as Co-founder and Co-director of the Jaipur Literature Festival, it has been my constant effort to platform creativity and give it voice. Our meaningful collaboration with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series provides the vision and opportunity to use accessible cutting-edge technology to nurture free flowing and interactive imagination, ingenuity, and innovation. It’s a new way to dream.”

William Dalrymple, writer, historian, and Co-Director of the Jaipur Literature Festival, said, “I am genuinely thrilled that Samsung Galaxy Tabs S9 Series has come in as our title partner because I am a long-time Samsung user. I use Samsung not just for my everyday communications but also as my camera:  I have actually done two photographic exhibitions in Delhi and two in London entirely from photographs taken with Samsung. I have also published two books featuring photographs entirely taken with my trusty Samsung. I cannot think of a better partner in every way than this brilliant and innovative company.”

Sharing her thoughts on the partnership Preeta Singh, President, Teamwork Arts, said, “Creativity is the unique human ability to conceive fresh ideas for self-expression, problem-solving, and innovation. Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series is the perfect example of what the creative impulse can accomplish. The Jaipur Literature Festival has been promoting the creative power of the written word. We are delighted about this partnership, as both the Festival and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Series converge on the shared platform of enhancing the ease of writing and promoting creativity like never before.”

Annually, the Festival orchestrates a confluence of the world’s preeminent writers, intellectuals, humanitarians, political leaders, business magnates, sports figures, and entertainers on a singular stage. This gathering serves to uphold unfettered freedom of expression, fostering meaningful debate and dialogue. With a distinguished history, the Festival has hosted nearly 5000 speakers and performers, drawing over a million avid book enthusiasts from around the globe since its inception. Today, the Jaipur Literature Festival has transcended its origins to evolve into a global literary phenomenon, serving as the crucible for compelling conversations, debates, and dialogues.

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